The Handbook of Art Therapy and Digital Technology | 2018

Digital Art Therapy, an image by Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, using Polyvore platform.

The book is live and in print! Here is a short summary:

  • An international group of authors and experts share their knowledge about applications of digital technology, explaining the various ways art therapists and related professionals can leverage digital approaches in their work with a variety of individuals. Look forward to reading about applications with people on the Autism Spectrum, hospitalized children, indigenous communities, adults in group therapy, and adolescents in the juvenile justice system, among others. 
  • Chapters address the leading edge technologies now being applied to art therapy and arts-based approaches to therapy-- therapeutic photography and filmmaking, telemedicine,digital storytelling, animation, apps, portable devices, and virtual reality.
  • Learn more about the 21st century "virtual studio," art-based research, "computational art therapy," virtual reality, and other dynamic clinical and educational applications that are emerging practices within art therapy and expressive arts therapy.
  • What is the impact of digital technology on the brain and social media on psychosocial health and well-being? Experts explore "what every practitioner should know" about these key topics.
  • Do you have a social media "informed consent?" How do we make decisions about the digital display of client artwork on social media platforms? What exactly is "secure transmission" of personal data and imagery? Stay current in ethics, legal and professional practices issues in the emerging [and changing] world of digital communication. 

Author/Table of Contents now available! Check back for more previews and visit the rest of this site for free downloadable resources on digital technology, art therapy and related topics. ~~ Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, LPCC, LPAT, ATR-BC, REAT, Editor, Handbook of Art Therapy and Digital Technology



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