A Look-Back at Art Therapy & Computer Technology (2000)

Art Therapist's Guide to Computers, Peripherals, and Software ©2000 Cathy Malchiodi and ART THERAPY & COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY

From Chapter Two: An Art Therapist's Guide to Computers, Peripherals, and Software in ART THERAPY & COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY by Cathy Malchiodi (2000; Jessica Kingsley Publishers).


Yes, this was what "computer technology" was like at the end of the 20th century and this chapter was the first "Art Therapist's Guide" to that technology and intersection with art therapy practice. A laptop computer might have 6GB of storage; compare that to today's storage systems-- thumb drives with 64GB or more and portable drives with 1TB or more. 


If you are able to get a copy of this book or read excerpts on Google Books, this chapter takes you on humorous encounters with computers-- including the inevitable "crashes" and frustrations with desktop and emerging laptop devices. All of this is pre-tablet technology and today's smartphones...well, it was all well-before anything we take for granted about digital technology today.

Art Therapists in Cyberspace | Cathy Malchiodi ©1996
A walk back in time to the days of American Online...one of the earliest articles on what we know today as "social networking" and digital communication.
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