The Handbook of Art Therapy and Digital Technology | 2018

The Handbook of Art Therapy and Digital Technology: Table of Contents

Here's a preview of coming attractions and the international [US, Canada, Australia, Thailand, South Korea, and UK] array of expert authors and contributors to THE HANDBOOK OF ART THERAPY AND DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY:

Foreword: Val Huet, PhD


Section One: Foundations

Chapter 1: Introduction to Art Therapy and Digital Technology—Cathy Malchiodi

Chapter 2: Ethics, Digital Technology and Social Media— Cathy Malchiodi, Donald Cutcher, and Kristin Belkofer

Chapter 3: Interpersonal Downloading: The Relational and Creative Impacts of Technology and New Media in Therapy –Kristin Belkofer and Chris Belkofer

Chapter 4: Your Client’s Brain on Digital Technology-- Cathy Malchiodi


Section Two: The Digital Toolbox—Methods and Media

Chapter 5: New Media and Their Effects in Art Therapy—Shaun McNiff

Chapter 6: Photo-Art Therapy—Alexander Kopytin

Chapter 7: Therapeutic Filmmaking—J. Lauren Johnson

Chapter 8: Digital Storytelling and Narrative Therapy—Bronwen Gray and Alan Young

Chapter 9: A Telehealth Primer for Art Therapy— Jedediah Walls

Chapter 10: The Animation Project—Joe Kavitski and Brian Austin

Chapter 11: There’s an App for That—Cathy Malchiodi

Chapter 12: Virtual Reality Art Therapy—Jeff Lohrius and Cathy Malchiodi

Chapter 13: Social Networking Platforms and Social Media—Cathy Malchiodi


Section Three: Clinical and Educational Applications

Chapter 14: Digital Art Therapy with Children in Medical Settings—Molly K. Kometiani

Chapter 15: Expressive Remix Therapy: Engaging Adolescents Through the Use Of Digital Media Art—Jeffrey Jamerson

Chapter 16: The One Project: Therapeutic Photography with Adults—Bryce Evans

Chapter 17: Dibaajimowin (Stories): Health Promotion through Digitalized Oral Stories-- Debra Johnson-Fuller and Elizabeth Warson

Chapter 18: Group Art Therapy and Telemedicine—Gudrun Jones, Rachel Rahman and Martine Robson

Chapter 19: Digital Devices as Creative Expressive Tools for Adults with Autism—Olena Darewych

Chapter 20: Arts-Based Research and Digital Technologies—Shaun McNiff

Chapter 21: Computational Art Therapy and Art Therapy Assessment and Research—Seong-in Kim

Chapter 22: Digital Media Inclusion in Art Therapy Coursework —Natalie Rae Carlton

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